Edit, manage and publish
texts as a team

CMS Plone 5 with the
collaborative editor SMASHDOCs


CMS Plone 5

  • One of the most secure CMS solutions available
  • Fine-grained rights management
  • Configurable workflows
  • Freely configurable content types
  • Data security and privacy compliant with the GDPR



  • Each user has an individual overview of all changes
  • Option for multiple people to work on a document in parallel
  • Different roles (reader, author, commenter, administrator)
  • Automatic tracking of all changes
  • Changes can be discussed



  • Support for work groups
  • Easy publishing and distribution of content
  • Export to XML, HTML and DOCX (optionally also: PDF, EPUB)
  • Optional: Own templates (issued in accordance with your individual CI)
  • Hosting: Public or private cloud, or your own IT infrastructure
  • Compliant with German data protection

Intuitive Operation

Overview of status

All information directly accessible

Individual conversion options


Direct access to all functions

Our Services


  • Individual integration of SMASHDOCs with your web applications and portals
  • If so desired, we can manage the hosting and maintenance of the SMASHDOCS installation on your behalf


Publishing Solutions

  • We bring individual publishing solutions to life
  • Formats: XML, DOCX, HTML, PDF, EPUB
  • PDF converter: PDFreactor, PrinceXML, Antennahouse, Vivliostyle
  • Support for Indesign, Framemaker and others on request


Open Source

We provide our language-specific interfaces as free (open source) software for SMASHDOCS integration.